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Computer Tune-Up - $39.95



Operating System Re-Install (Wipe & Load) -$99.95


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Computer Repair
Get your computer running like the first day you brought it home.
With the current economy who can afford a new computer?
Most computers still have a lot of life left in them even if they are running slow or crashing frequently. You can get yours tuned up and tweaked out for a fraction of the cost of a new computer.



This is the best way to breathe new life into your computer. If you're experiencing slow start-ups and shut-downs, lagging program starts and slow processing, this could help a lot. I can optimize your start-ups by removing unnecessary programs from your Start-Up List. A simple cleanup of the registry will also greatly improve the operating speed of most machines. Three more steps in this Tune-Up will insure that you are getting the most out of your computer's horsepower.


If you find that viruses or worms have gotten past your anti-virus program or the computer has become polluted with unwanted or accidental downloads, then it may be time to format and re-install the operating system. This is the simplest way of cleaning-up and resetting a computer to factory original condition. This insures that there can be no viruses, worms, malicious software or spy ware. In addition, this will bring the computer back to it's original operating speed and performance levels. In other words, it will be like the day you lifted it out of the box. This does require the Operating System disk.


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